About Us

About support for success

Support for success, Nepal, has been established as one of the leading and pioneering organization in the field of corporate, network marketing and academic / educational institutions both in private and government sectors. The primary objective of this organization is to impart training services to people belonging to all segments of all age in the society. Till this time, we have trained many more people across Nepal and India and have touched lives of lakh of people through our training programs and motivational tacks / speech. No doubt, our training help any candidates / trainees to enhance their capacity and advance in business, profession, life skills, mind-power and related corporate fields, in a competitive and prosperous world. In this regards, support for success focuses on building itself as an organization of high reputation to impart its professional services as an emerging education and training institution nationally and internationally. We have trained thousands and thousands of people in every walk of life and every age group. People from various professions, entrepreneurs, net-workers, businessmen, salesmen, insurance advisers, engineers, doctors, students, housewives, corporate executives and employees from different sectors etc all who are in search of success, happiness, peace, personal and professional growth have been highly benefited from our training services.


To assist people achieve their goals through practical techniques and trainings to be the best provider of training services.


Our mission is to bring revolutionary change in the lives of ten lacks people till 2024, 2080 B.S and achieve a dynamic leadership position in the field of trainings both in academic and corporate sectors.

Core Values

Our organization has been governed by Eleven Core Values which define and shape the character of our institution.

1.      Honesty                        ईमानदारी

2.      Discipline                      अनुशासन

3.      Wealth                           धन

4.      Happiness                     खुशी

5.      Passion                          जोश

6.      Integrity                         निष्ठा

7.      Value addition              मान थप

8.      Responsibility               जिम्मेवारी

9.      Smart work                   आकर्षक काम

10.    Transparency                पारदर्शिता

11.    Respect                         सम्मान