Strategies at Home

Are you buried under bills and mail?
Do you forget important dates and appointments?
Are you overwhelmed by cognitive fatigue?
Do you try hard but get very little done at home?
Support for Success has solutions!


Brain based coaching can help you at home – to compensate for memory loss, plan and prioritize, improve focus and attention, manage your time, and organize your life.


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Carol will work with you to design customized strategies for managing daily tasks at home, such as:
Creating systems for processing mail and papers
Organizing filing systems that work
Developing and working with a budget
Setting up money management systems
Organizing and tracking medications
Using paper and electronic calendars
Tracking dates and appointments
Organizing an effective work space
Managing fatigue and cognitive energy
Organizing home and personal items
Carol will then teach you to use these strategies and coach you to successfully incorporate them into your daily life.

“Incredible.  Carol gave me strategies for both home and work that were amazingly helpful.  With these strategies, I now  am able to easily  manage my bills, track my medications, and file my important paperwork.”  P.S

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