Strategies at School

Are you often disorganized and distracted?
Do you have difficulty managing your time?
Are you overwhelmed by long-term projects?
Do you need educational supports to help you succeed?
Support for Success has solutions!


Brain based coaching can help you at school – to manage your time and schedule, advocate for your needs, compensate for memory loss, plan and prioritize, improve focus and attention, and locate services and supports.



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Educational classes can be especially difficult for adults dealing with cognitive challenges.  Carol will work with you to design customized strategies for managing educational tasks and creating educational supports, such as:
Creating an effective study space
Managing memory demands
Using paper and electronic calendars
Managing time effectively
Prioritizing tasks and goal
Planning for long range assignments
Meeting deadlines
Organizing paperwork
Setting up class schedules
Advocating for your needs
Requesting educational accommodations
Communicating with your instructors
Carol will then teach you to use these strategies and coach you to successfully incorporate them into your daily life.
 “While recovering from a TBI, I attempted to return to school 2 previous times to complete my final 3 classes needed for my masters, unsuccessfully.  I was then blessed with Carol. Her support, both emotionally physically and mentally, made the difference. Carol supported me with school staff, helped me find the CORRECT assistive technology needed, and in times I felt overwhelmed in my tornado of thoughts, Carol was able to take my “mess” and help me to organize it into movable working parts. I cannot say enough about Carol and her ability in supporting me finally completing my Masters.”  KB
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