Strategies at Work

Is your desk buried under piles of paper?
Do you forget appointments and meetings?
Do you miss deadlines for projects and reports?
Are you working hard but barely keeping up?
Support for Success has solutions!


Brain based coaching can help you at work – to recognize your strengths, manage your work schedule, improve organization, advocate for your needs, compensate for memory loss, increase focus on the job, and ultimately reach your goals.


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 Brain processing challenges often create barriers to success at work.  Carol will work with you to design strategies to help you succeed on the job, such as:
Minimizing distractions in your work area
Creating an effective workspace
Managing cognitive fatigue at work
Requesting appropriate accommodations
Setting up an effective work schedule


Maintaining a work calendar, reminders, alerts
Creating systems for processing mail and papers
Organizing filing systems that work
Prioritizing goals, creating attainable steps


Carol will then teach you to use these strategies and coach you to successfully incorporate them into your daily life.

“In doing my best to get myself organized at work after a serious traumatic brain injury, I asked Carol to meet me at my workplace and in honoring my request, Carol helped me tremendously with creating an effective schedule for my seeing my clients.  Carol also went beyond that and helped me greatly improve my overall time management skills in planning and seeing those same clients.  And one of the key components of Carol’s helping me was in suggesting terrific memory strategies to use during my work day.  Carol went far and above what I was looking for or what I expected!”  BT

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