Mobile Devices

Do you own a smartphone or tablet but only use it for basics?
Do you need brain supports on the go as well as at home?
Do you want to learn how to use APPS to support brain processing on the go?
Support for Success can help!


Smartphones and tablets are portable computers that can support your brain on the go!  Brain based coaching can help you learn to operate your smartphone or tablet and learn to locate and use apps that support specific brain functions.


Operating Your  Smartphone or Tablet:

Learn the Basics and Beyond

Learn to use all the functions of your phone or tablet:

Phone and Contacts

Texting and Emailing

Calendars and Alerts

Camera and Photos

Internet Searching

Clock and Alar

Voice Memos / Recorder

Maps and Directions

App Store / Google Play








Using APPS to Support Brain Functioning:

Learn to Locate and Use Apps for Brain Support. 

Examples include:

Memory – visual + auditory reminders, alarms, notes, voice memos, stickies, pill reminders, memory games

Organization – ToDo’s, checklists, errands, finances trackers

Planning – apps for planning events, trips, projects, meals, and gifts

Time Management – calendars, alarms, reminders, timers, ToDo’s, checklists

Orientation – maps, gps, location of self, car, phone or tablet

Accessibility – apps + accessibility to support vision, hearing, motor skills, communication

Study Skills – organizers, flash cards, voice recorders, note taking

Health & Fitness – Medical records, pill reminders, hearing aid, ptsd coach

Brain Games – Lumosity and many more

Speech & Language – assistive technology, text to speech, choice boards

And Many, Many more!

“With Carol’s assistance, I was able to locate and use ipad apps to help me with focus, time management, and memory in both my home business and personal life.”  RL
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